Training Programs

Proven, effective programs to give you and your team the skills to improve performance, productivity, and collaboration.† One-day programs, available on-site.

Team Building - Through dynamic, interactive exercises, learn how to improve communications, identify strengths, organize the team, and effectively initiate challenges to achieve the teamís goals.† Bonus: Itís a lot of fun.


Communication Strategies - Improve your interactions with other people in the workplace, and in your personal life.† Enhance the critical skills of listening, asking questions, and recognizing non-verbal messages.†


Effective Email Writing - With todayís powerful hardware and sophisticated software, the weakest link in your email system is probably you.† Learn to focus your message to a specific audience with clear, concise, professional writing. 


Time Management - Time is the most limited resource.† Learn powerful techniques that allow you to: 1) gain more time out of each day, 2) set priorities, 3) achieve goals, and 4) develop your own personal action plan. 


Customer Relationships - Differentiate your organization by providing outstanding customer service.† Discover how commitment, diligence, and communication are the keys. 


Effective Listening Skills - Develop productive listening habits and learn to identify the body language and listening styles of others.† Hear more, while learning how to be better heard.


Conflict to Collaboration - This program focuses on conflict resolution, and also reconciliation.† Explore the various means for developing the skills needed to use conflict as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation.†


Problem Solving - Motivate and energize your team by using creativity and innovation to develop solutions to everyday problems.† Learn how to achieve solid results through step-by-step techniques. 


Managing Change - In the modern business environment, coping with change is a necessity, requiring both the resolve and the skill to adapt.† Learn how to manage stress and maintain productivity through times of transition.†


Negotiating for Results - This program provides you with an interactive approach to the process of negotiation.† Learn to focus on interests rather than positions, to develop mutual trust, fairness, and respect.†


Stress Management - The modern workforce is experiencing job burnout and stress in epidemic proportions.† Explore the causes of workplace stress, and discover initiatives to combat stress overload.


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Mary Scannell

Corporate Trainer† ē† Author

Mary Scannell